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Our customers say...

The Tumbling Effect program and training was AMAZING! It changed my life as a dance team coach! I was very uncomfortable with spotting and giving direction for tumbling, and after the 3 hour training, I feel that I can coach and teach my kids with confidence! I also feel like they taught us how to put safety first and gave really good tips about all varieties of tumbling tricks! I would recommend this program to all tumbling teachers and coaches!

Brandy Wegscheider - Colorado

Elite Dance Academy, Broomfield, CO

YES I loved the Tumbling Effect workshop. Not only did I learn about new techniques for building strength to execute tricks, I felt much more confident afterwards knowing I could safely and reliably spot a student on a trick. The curriculum is very cohesive and goal-oriented to help students achieve their maximum potential as tumblers. I had an awesome time learning all about tumbling for students who are just starting out to students who are advanced in their careers!

Morgan Gallo - Colorado

Pam and her tumbling effects crew were amazing to have come to our studio. Their expertise and enthusiasm was contagious to our staff and students. Their safe and easy to understand methods helped to strengthen our tumbling program and help our dancers achieve new tumbling goals. Thanks Pam! We can't wait for you to come again.

Mitzi Roberts. Dance Express, Mankato, Minnesota

Pam came to train our studio on her program "Tumbling Effect." I honestly did not know what to expect, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. It was instantly obvious that Pam is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and she did a great job conveying the information. I loved how it was extremely systematic in what she taught, yet was also catered to our needs and levels. I have been using her program this school year and the outcome is phenomenal. I am seeing such growth with my students and the parental feedback is amazing. Parents have noticed and appreciate the changes we have made and I feel this is all thanks to Pam. I would HIGHLY recommend her program to any teacher or studio that wants to take their tumbling program the next level safely!

Beth Uebelherr-Arizona

The Tumbling Effect syllabi is a great resource for tumbling teachers! It is a great tool for helping you to plan and organize your classes and levels. In addition, it allows you to track your tumblers' progress and provides you with an excellent way to measure your tumblers' abilities for graduation to each subsequent level. The syllabi is designed to produce a well-rounded tumbler with knowledge of many tumbling skills!

Meghan Osterman

Chara Christian Dance Academy, Friendswork, TX

The Tumbling Effect was an AWESOME instructional class, that teaches a wonderful curriculum on tumbling and how to correctly spot dancers! I walked away feeling confident about keeping my dancers safe while pushing them to their fullest potential in tumbling. This class is a must for ALL dance teachers!

Bree Ray- Colorado

Elite Dance Academy, Broomfield, CO

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